KMGBC By-laws

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The mission of the KMGBC is to teach fundamental, sound basketball skills in a safe and positive atmosphere and at the same time encouraging players to conduct themselves with integrity and respect in order to represent the Kettle Moraine Community in a positive manner.  It is the goal of the club to serve the community by developing prepared athletes who will be an asset to the high school program and the community.


The KMGBC is designed to provide girls who reside or attend a school within the KM District the opportunity to participate in a basketball program that has a higher level of skill and competition for a select program.  We encourage and welcome all girls to tryout and teams will be formed at the 4th - 8th grade levels.

The Club Program’s efforts are ultimately directed at the development of players for a successful high school program. Based on this objective, the Board supports and works directly with the Kettle Moraine High School Girls Basketball Program and the coaches.

We believe that basketball is a fun game, and there is no reason why basketball at this level should be anything but fun. We have expectations of our players and coaches and we are committed to developing our teams and program. However, we will not lose sight of the fact that enjoying ourselves in the process is central to what we’re doing.

We believe that the development of our athletes will be best served with hard work, dedicated coaching, and a positive athletic experience. We look to develop our players on the court with discipline, knowledge of the game and skill development and off the court by promoting positive life experiences, dedication to the community and respect for our families.

We must also teach our players they each have a role on the team. While that role can and must change with improved play and skill development, each player needs to know their role in helping the team succeed.

We believe that each player should have a positive experience…these experiences include playing time. We will always strive to give equitable playing time to all players on each team. A goal of 25% minimum playing time over the course of the season will be encourage.  All questions about playing time and the reason for the amount can be discussed with the coaching staff and the Coaching Director.

Team Selection

There is a standardized system to pick the teams. Players will be evaluated and selected by a team of evaluators that will make up the selection committee appointed by the Coaching Director and approved by the Advisory Board.

We will attempt to fill two teams per grade. While every effort is made to allow all players to join a team, especially at the 4th- 6th grade level, we cannot guarantee that all players trying out will be selected. For those players not selected, the LYBA league is open for any girl. Girls may participate in both leagues at one time.

Player selection will be determined by the results of tryout evaluations, combined with position considerations and past coaches’ evaluations.

Tryouts are held each year in mid- to late-August. Practices will begin in mid-October and the league season typically starts the first week in November.

Tryouts will be scheduled in order of age group. (i.e.; 4th grade tryout first, 5th grade tryout second, etc…).

“A” team / “B” team philosophy in grades 5-8.

At the 4th grade level, if there are sufficient numbers for two teams, they  will be evenly divided.

League play and tournament play will coincide with the “A/B” selection system.

Practice times and schedules will be determined by the Head Coach.

Based on evaluator consensus, if a player demonstrates significantly advanced skills within their age group, they may be invited to play up a grade.  This will be at the discretion of the Advisory Board.

Refund Policy

If a player is not selected for a team, their registration fee will be returned in the mail to them.  Once a player is placed on a team, there will be no refund of the registration fee. 

Expectations of Players

  • Please refer to the Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club Code of Conduct.  This is a form that must be signed by all players before they may play on a team.  All players must abide by the code in order to be a member of a team for the KMGBC.  The Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club endorses and supports the principals of the kettle Moraine High School Code of Conduct.  The full code of conduct can be found at

Expectations of Parents

  • Please refer to Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club Code of Conduct.  This is a form that must be signed by all parents before their daughter may play on a team.  All parents must abide by the code in order to have their daughter participate on a team for the KMGBC.

Sweetheart Tournament

Each year the Board will be responsible for organizing the Sweetheart Tournament in February. This tournament will be open to 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade “A” and “B” teams.

All KMGBC teams will participate in this tournament.

The Tournament Director is responsible for the planning and execution of the tournament.

Parents are REQUIRED to volunteer to help make the Sweetheart Tournament successful.

This tournament is the main fundraising function for the KMGBC and a successful tournament will require that all parents participate. Failure of parents to participate, or find a suitable replacement, in the Sweetheart Tournament may result in assessment of additional player fees not to exceed an amount equivalent to the player entry fee and subject to Board vote.


Quality of basketball coaching is one of the most critical components of a successful basketball program. Head coaches must be able to work with youth players and have an appropriate level of knowledge and expertise for the age and ability level of the team they are coaching. Demonstrated past experience in coaching and playing will be strongly considered. Anyone interested in coaching must submit a completed Coaching Application to KM Community Education which can be found on the website –

The Coaching Director along with the Board will identify potential candidates, interview the new candidates, and make the final coaching decisions. Coaches selected the previous year do not automatically qualify to coach the current year and must reapply each year; however, interviews of prior coaches reapplying may be waived unless the Coaching Director determines it necessary to re-interview based on coach evaluations from the prior year or to arrive at an informed selection. The most qualified applicants at each grade level will be selected.

All coaches will have a background check conducted prior to the season starting. If an issue arises during the background check and the issue cannot be resolved, the individual will not be allowed to coach. 

One Assistant Coach will also be required for each team.  Assistant coaches must also be approved by the Coaching Director and Board, and must undergo standard background checks.

Coaches’ Expectations

The following performance areas outline the major expectations and responsibilities of all coaches in the Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club:

  • Leadership
  • Provide a positive learning experience not necessarily a winning experience
  • Be a positive and mature role model for the players
  • Give ALL players the opportunity to improve
  • Exhibit diligence, enthusiasm, honesty, and a love for the game
  • Rapport
  • Represent Kettle Moraine in the basketball community
  • Respect the players, parents, referees, and opponents
  • Maintain open and timely communication with players, parents, and the Board
  • Organization
  • Take care of the equipment provided for your team
  • Conduct a parent meeting at the beginning, middle, and end of the season
  • Complete a year-end player evaluation no later than two weeks after the season end for every member of your team, and submit one copy of each evaluation to the Board for consideration in next year’s selections.
  • Be available to answer questions of the tryout committee on any player trying out for next season that you coached in the previous season.

Coaching Techniques

  • Run challenging, well-organized practice sessions that emphasize skill/fundamental development necessary to meet the expectations of each grade level as set forth in the Coaches Manual provided.
  • Become current with coaching techniques and strategies as required by the Board
  • Attend mandatory coaches’ meetings/clinics
  • Attend coaching seminar provided by the Board
  • Utilize the “Coaches’ Library” housed in the Community Education office
  • Provide to the Coaching Director a written report explaining the circumstances on any technical fouls called on the coach or the assistant coaches
  • Stress the fundamentals and coaching strategies established by the High School Varsity Coach


Grievance Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to resolve disputes between players and coaches and/or parents and coaches.

It is a step by step procedure to try to come to an equitable resolution to problems.

The following steps, in order, are to be followed:

1. A player and/or parent must first contact their coach verbally and in writing of the complaint... Try and be as specific and objective as possible about the issue(s).

2. The coach has 3 days to respond to the parent/player with his or her answer. A copy of the complaint and response must be forwarded by the coach to the Program Director.

3. If the player/parent is not satisfied with the coach’s response or the coach has failed to respond in a timely manner (as noted in item 2 above), the player/parent must submit a written grievance to the Grievance Committee within three (3) days. The Program Director will select (3) non-conflicting board members who will make up the Grievance Committee.

4. The Grievance Committee will review the grievance within 5 days and:

a. Have the coach and parent/player come before the 3 person Grievance Committee for a hearing. The Committee will listen to each party’s case and make a decision within 3 days of the hearing. The decision will be communicated to both parties verbally and in writing.

b. This decision will be final and binding.

Everyone should try and resolve their problems at step 1. Good verbal communication between all parties should resolve most issues at step 1. Trying to jump steps will only delay resolution. The Coach must always be the first contact in any problem except if there is physical abuse of a player.


The Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for establishing the direction, policy, structure and management of the KMGBC.  The Advisory Board is a board of elected or nominated individuals who will make recommendations to the Kettle Moraine School District on behalf of the club.

The Board shall be made up of nine (9) voting individuals (listed below).

All decisions shall be made by majority vote, and must have at least a majority of filled voting board positions to be binding. Voting via email is acceptable as long as all board members are copied on the email.

Board members are expected to attend all monthly meetings. There are exceptions to this requirement for obvious personal obligations; however, failure of an individual Board member to attend three consecutive Board meetings may be grounds for termination or considered a resignation from the Board.

The Board may establish special committees as needed.

The Board is made up of the following positions:


1. Program Director

2. Coaching Director

3. League Director

4. Sweetheart Tournament Director

5. Events Director

6. Treasurer

7.  Secretary

8.  High School Girls Varsity Coach (on going)

9.  Community Education Representative (on going)

Board Terms are as follows:  April 1st of Odd Years (2015, 2017, 2019, etc…) for: League Director, Treasurer, and Secretary

April 1st of Even Years (2016, 2018, and 2020 etc…) for: Program Director, Coaching Director, Sweetheart Tournament Director, Events Director

A description of these board positions including their responsibilities is contained in a supplemental document to these bylaws and available upon request.


Board Responsibilities:

  • Establish policy for the KMGBC.
  • Manage all financial aspects of the program.
  • Select the coaches for the program. Establish expectations for the coaches and hold the coaches responsible to meet these expectations.
  • Provide adequate training for coaches.
  • Select tryout evaluators and establish expectations for the players.
  • Assist coaches in securing tournament play for each of the teams.
  • Provide equipment required for practice and games.
  • Organize the Sweetheart Tournament each year.
  • Hold monthly Board meetings and special session when necessary.
  • Coordinate the year-end annual Player Banquet.
  • Support the players, coaches, parents, and KM High School program.
  • Coaches’ packet of information.
  • Enforce grievance procedure.
  • Distribute and collect both player and coach surveys at end of year.


Board Meetings

All board meetings will allow a specific time for attendance and input from the community.  It is recommended to call the Community Education Office to confirm a meeting date.

A board member may motion for an “Executive Session” in order to discuss a sensitive subject or a topic that is private.  A motion to go into an executive session shall be approved by a majority vote of the present board members.   The secretary will note the time of the executive session but minutes will not be taken.   Anyone who is not a current board member will be asked to leave the meeting at this time.

Meeting dates are set one year in advance and are subject to change. All meetings are scheduled in the high school Laser Room (or alternate location determined by Community Ed.) beginning at 6:30 p.m. Meetings typically are held on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Any of the rules and regulations in this entire document may be changed at any time with a majority vote by the Board.

For questions/concerns/comments regarding the KM Girls Basketball Club, please contact Kelly Donaldson in the Community Education Office at 968-6273 x5326 to be referred to one of the board members or email her at 

(Updated 5/2015)